How to Use this Training Module


We envision this training module to be used to educate and facilitate self directed learning in healthcare providers and those who come face-to-face with victims of violence.

Please read through the cases to familiarize yourself with the multifaceted nature and presentation of violence across the world and draw upon the experiences of other healthcare providers in dealing with such situations. Follow by visiting our resources section to find supports in your MWIA location.

We hope that you find these cases useful and that you are able to integrate this knowledge into your practice.

Objectives and Case Goals:

1. Recognize patient may have issues with violence when they are presenting with a variety of other symptoms.

2. Once a patient discloses that they have violence concerns, utilize a trauma informed approach in the office visit.

3.  Immediate priorities following disclosure of violence, including a safety plan.

4. Connect with the variety of resources in your area and international supports for survivors of violence.

5.  Develop approaches to screening for domestic violence.  

6. Identify risk factors for violence and including refugees, poverty, elderly, lack of family support, substance abuse and more.

7. Recognize and identify culture as a separate category of risk requiring special training.

8. Consider the role of  men and boys in prevention and treatment.

9. Identify and address the long term needs of abuse survivors.